Payments and Refunds Policy

We thank you for visiting our website. We want you to feel comfortable about transacting business with earn avenue. Due to the nature of the earn avenue business and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a strict refund policy, which starts upon payment.

Should you require support or additional information:

  • In-App Support via the "chat icon" found in the bottom right corner
  • Direcly via support @
  • Hours vary between 12 pm and 10 pm EST

As earn avenue™ is an online training, software and digital access based platform, that also allows affiliates (partners) to promote, we do not offer a refund policy unless clearly stated. As there is commissions paid to affiliates (partners) and we would be unable to clawback.

Defining Clearly Stated: generally found at the “cart” or “Payment” information areas. It will also be clearly stated on the payment pages.

Should a "refund" be warranted or made available as per our checkout page, please take note of following:

  1. We require you to access, activate and use our service before we can offer or consider a refund for the purchase. This is apart of any offered "guarantee" at the time of purchase that may be made. As we clearly outline what our services, products and training offers - we can not allow people to purchase, access and download our digital products. So we have created a clearly stated and outlined offer, once you join our platform (website) there is really no reason to require refund anyways.
  2. Each and every person who purchases from us within this site, has to “check” the “I Agree” before payment. This is a legally binding agreement.
  3. If we find that a refund of your purchase is warranted we reserve the right to take up-to 30 days to process such, due to banking and/or merchant services. Generally, our billing system will process the transaction within 7 business days and our merchant accounts within 14 business days.
  4. Let it be known that we will not allow refunds of payments made on "Services" within our platform, as we have costs attached to all in-house services. This refers to all "campaigns", "advertising", "pay per click", "sign up ads", and/or anything that is an additional cost on-top of your membership.
  5. It is your own responsiblity to contact and cancel your payment profile with our company. Do not make the assumption that will cancel payments without being clearly directed by you, the account holder.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Monthly Subscriptions
You may cancel your monthly subscription anytime after the initial purchase. You are REQUIRED to request such action a minimum 3 day prior to the rebill of your subscription. Additionally, if you request your subscription to be canceled on the day of rebill and never contacted us prior ( within the minimum required timeframe), no refund will be allowed. Should support feel a rebill refund is allowed - we will only refund the amount less the fee(s). We offer NO REFUNDS on subscriptions as per our sales pages and these terms as a rule. (EX. Rebill due Moday you need to contact support no later than Thursday by midnight otherwise the rebill will be processed).

Yearly Subscriptions
You may cancel and the rules are the say as the monthly, see monthly for more information.

Payment Plans / Split Payments / Deferred Payments
Upon making a payment, our merchant provide (SAMCART,STRIPE and/or PAYPAL) will create a billing agreement. You are REQUIRED to compelte the billing agreement, should a payment not be made - this will count as a missed payment. Missed payments work the same as offline payment plan, Earn Avenue reserves the right to change interest on missed payments. Should cancel said agreement prior to it be completed, your account will be instantly deactivated. You will have the opportunity to payment the payment, at which time the account will be re-instated. Again, we may exercise the right to limit your account should your subscription be missed; in most cases a grace period will be offered. Should your account go unpaid for more than 7 days, your account will be closed. You have the right to contact us and make payment, at which time your account will be opened again.

Additonally, your account will be blocked, disabled, and/or access denied upon 3 failed payment attempts. At which time, you may have additional payments required to re-initialize your account.

Chargebacks, Disputes, and/or any other form of purchase unlawful recovery

Simple. Should you file a changeback, dispute, or any other form of attempt to regain your purchase - your account will be closed. If you have multiple purchases within our platform, decide to carry out this act on a single charge, your entire account will still be closed. We do not offer refunds unless clearly stated, you have access to the service within moments of purchase, so in these cases we classify it as fraud and will have our lawyers collect any and all fee(s) lost due to these actions.

In the event a disputes and/or chargeback is filed against your account/purchase, your account will be immediately disabled. We will investigate the issue with merchant provider and come to a conclusion with respects to the information provided. Should our team find the dispute was unwarantted meaning you did it without good faith and your account was services as per the purchased, we will disable your account immediately. If the dispute is lost, again with our team finding the charges to the lawful, your account will be transfered to our collections department for further recovery. We reserve the right to enable or disable your account, even with the dispute and/or chargeback being found in our favour. Should this be the case, you will have the ability to contact support and request that your account be enabled, but due to but faith you be have limits.


Take Note Of The Following; If "CLEARLY" stated offers a refund for your purchase, you are required to contact support and follow the steps to qualify. Disputes and Chargebacks, are not to be used as a means of communication, these post negatively against our company. Also, if you activate or file a Charge-back or Dispute on your purchase payment, your account will be immediately closed. This is our policy, even if the chargeback is found to be closed in our favour, this is an act of fraud against our company, which will not be tolerated. Additionally, your account may be forwarded to a collection agent for recover of lost funds. All returned payments, bank claims, and/or disputes will be subject to and charged a $75 USD return fee.